John Schmitt

VP of Engineering

With over forty years of experience manufacturing precious metals and contact materials, John Schmitt represents a small pool of industry professionals uniquely qualified in metal solutions. His extensive experience with product development and process management has contributed to the success of many applications, including engineered silver alloy materials in strip, wire, and brazing alloy fabrications.  A technical materials expert who supports the combined teams of the Alloy Holdings partner group, John brings many other capabilities, such as machine design, customer-focused product and operational planning, and a dedication to company culture and its employees.  

John has led in engineering and manufacturing roles for the past seventeen years at the Lee's Mfg. and Morvillo Precision Products partner companies.  Before this, he held general and product management roles at Ames Goldsmith and Handy & Harman, Ltd.

John holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.  

A lifelong resident of Attleboro, MA, John likes spending time with his family, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities along the New England coast.  John especially looks forward to spoiling his grandson.